Giving Back with Extreme Couponing

Feeding the Hungry with Extreme Couponing

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At State Farm®, we want to recognize good neighbors that are helping their communities and encourage everyone that even the smallest act of kindness can change the world. Be inspired by these community service stories through our partnership with The Huffington Post and help us recognize those around you who are making a difference. Check out the original article on Huffington Post.

How Extreme Couponing Helped Her Community

We've all heard of the idea and act of extreme couponing, but there's a woman who has used her skills of couponing to give back to her community!

Tina Klein is the founder of Super Coupon Woman Foundation that helps women in need through couponing. Her inspiration of giving back to her community came from all the help and simple acts of kindness she experienced while enduring past financial struggles as a single mother, both from her community and from strangers.

Understanding the difficulties some families go through, she started using her extreme couponing skills to donate to the local food pantries. She first started out simple, but eventually got her friends, family and the community to get involved — she asked for coupon donations to the food pantry and it became a whole project.

Noticing that even her small, simple act of kindness made a difference, she started challenging herself to donate hundreds of dollars worth of food with coupons, as well as challenging others through a $100,000 Coupon Challenge on social media. This challenge involved her immediate and online community to work together to donate $100,000 worth of food and basic needs to their local communities. Tina is happy to be able to say that the community reached the $100,000 goal in three years and will continue to help all their communities through extreme couponing.

Even the simplest act — like extreme couponing — can help change your community. Share your community service stories with us by using #PublicDisplayofAssistance on social media.


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