New Careers for Work/Life Balance: Passion for Travel Writing

How to Follow Your Passion to a New Career

Video Transcript

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Following Your Passion to a New Career

Eric Reed quit his successful lawyer job three years ago to follow his passion for writing and traveling. He changed and started a new career to become a travel writer and journalist full time.

After taking some time off to travel after law school, Eric took a great job as a security litigator in Philadelphia. He soon came to realize that a work/life balance was hard to maintain due to demanding hours at work. Eventually, he realized that although the money was great, he had a much happier life when he had less — that's when he decided to leave his job as a lawyer and fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a writer.

He chose travel writing because of his love of writing and adventures. And although starting a new career as a travel writer was difficult in the beginning, Eric worked hard and is now published frequently and gets to tell stories that need to be told around the world — and not just about travel.

Following his passion has allowed him to be happier in his life and find a work/life balance that makes him and his family happy.

Eric shares a work/life balance tip for those struggling is to find your priorities: Know what's important in your life and work hard to get to that goal — whether it be family or travel.


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