Small business loss prevention tips

Small business loss prevention tips from State Farm®.

Business Fire Prevention Tips

As a business owner, planning for fire protection, prevention and risk assessment can help reduce your chance of fire and smoke damage. Check out these tips.

Business Disaster Planning

Create a business disaster plan to protect your employees, secure assets and resume operations.

Tips To Prevent Employee Theft

Employee theft can come in many different shapes and sizes. In the modern workplace, business owners are wise to have controls in place.

Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents at Your Business

Decrease the chances of slips, trips and falls at your business with proper maintenance and safety procedures.

4 Ways to Protect Your Business Property From Damage

Simple tips to tighten security and prevent electronic and water damage.

Tips to Protect Your Business From Robbery

Learn about theft deterrents, how to prepare your staff, and how to alert authorities.