Farm and Ranch tips

State Farm® helps Farm and Ranch owners get the most out of their investment.

Trailer insurance coverage

Consider trailer insurance coverage to help protect the cost of your trailer and the contents it hauls.

Farm Scheduling Verses Blanket Coverage

When deciding between blanket coverage or scheduling, we have some tips that could help with the decision.

How To Use Hand Tools More Safely

Simple safety tips to help you choose and use your hand tools before you start your next DIY project and how to maintain them and protect yourself and others.

The United States of Severe Weather

Do you know how to protect your home against severe weather damage? This infographic can help.

Extension Cord Safety: What to Do and What to Avoid

Don't let your extension cords become potential fire hazards.

Collection of Weather Related Articles

Make sure your home is ready for weather related issues using these articles from State Farm® .

Space Heater and Wood Stove Safety

Space heaters and wood stoves are great for warming up chilly rooms. Follow these tips for buying, and then safely using, these type of heaters.

When Should I Use My Safety Glasses?

They may not necessarily be stylish, but safety glasses can be a real lifesaver. Pick out the right pair to keep your eyes safe.

Pressure Washer Safety Tips

You've got a big mess, but before you set the power washer to blast take time to learn a few tips that might help prevent damage to what you are washing.

ATV Safety

Operating rules for your family to know before going out and when out on the trail.