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Residence Tips

Ice Dams, Snow on Your Roof, and Attic Condensation

Excessive snow on the roof, attic condensation, and ice buildup can cause roof damage, water damage and personal injury.

Emergency Backup Generators: Which Kind is Right for You?

A range of permanent and portable generators are available, so here's how to choose.

Causes and Prevention for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide is poisonous to humans and animals. Learn the warning signs tips to prevent CO2 poisoning.


Generator safety tips for when you need a portable generator to provide temporary power to your home.

Purchasing renters insurance is a smart move.

Lightning protection can help you limit your risk of lightning damage.

Find out how to request a credit report on potential tenants.

Buying and Selling a Home

Give your home a quick staging makeover before it’s time to sell.

Consider all the options when making your choice.

Learn what related destruction is covered and what is not under typical policies.

A community garden offers a bouquet of benefits: Meet neighbors, beautify the area, grow your own food and more.

Home Insurance

If you live within 20 miles of a volcano, you'll want to know how your family can prepare for and respond to an eruption.

We talked to millennials who earned their rental stripes through mishaps and misfortunes you may be able to avoid.

Use our rental property viewing checklist so you're organized and prepared when looking at rental listings.

Financial savings and life considerations may contribute to your to-dos for home buying.

Home Maintenance

Finding the right home is all about where you are in life.

Tips and tricks for the first-time homeowner.

How to decide if downsizing is right for you.

A few helpful things homeowners should keep in mind for home insurance reviews.


You may want to opt for personal liability or one of the other personal insurance options.

Look at these tips to save money on winter energy expenses and help winterize your home wherever you live.

Is your shed, detached garage or swimming pool covered under your policy?

A home inventory can expedite insurance claims process after theft, damage, or loss.


Keep your home safe and secure. Home winterization tips for Snowbirds to help prevent damage and theft.

They may not necessarily be stylish, but safety glasses can be a real lifesaver. Pick out the right pair to keep your eyes safe.

Electric blankets and heating pads make cozy companions. Before you plug yours in, consider these safety tips.

Safety tips to keep your decorating, cooking and gathering safe during the holidays.


Winterizing your home to protect against snow and freezing temps can help withstand the ups, downs of winter.

It's important to protect kids from extreme heat, so read these car safety pointers.

When to do it yourself and save money, and when you should hire a professional for home repairs.

If you live within 20 miles of a volcano, you'll want to know how your family can prepare for and respond to an eruption.

Manufactured Homes

Prevent your house from becoming a target with tips for security during vacation.

Putting off this task too long can be damaging, so follow these steps to clear gutters.

A few helpful things homeowners should keep in mind for home insurance reviews.

High temperatures, humidity, strong winds and hurricanes can really take a toll on homes in the South.

Home Calculators

Calculate Your Savings Plan for a Large Purchase

Decide the best payment scheme to reach your goal amount using this online tool.

To Consolidate Debt, First Calculate the Loan You Need

It's easier to conquer debt when you streamline multiple payments into one place.

Fixed Rate Mortgage vs. Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Which type may be best for you?

Compare Home Equity Tax Savings with This Calculator

Which gives better savings, a home equity loan or line of credit? Find out with this tool.

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