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Short-term disability insurance

If you receive a paycheck, here's a way to protect your earned income. A short-term disability policy offers you income protection to help cover monthly expenses (such as mortgage, rent, utilities, or car loan) if you're unable to work because of a total disability due to illness or injury.

Policy options are designed especially for short-term disability. They include one- and three-year benefit periods, with a monthly benefit amount ranging from $300 to $3,000 (subject to your income and occupation class).

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Did you know?

  • Just over 1 in 4 of today's 20-year-olds will become disabled before they retire.1
  • In 2016, the Social Security Administration approved 744k of a total 2,321k applications. 67.9% disability applications were initially denied.2

Short-term disability insurance

Coverage for you

Short-term disability insurance can provide funds for whatever you need to protect. Mortgage, rent, or a car loan are just some of the monthly expenses that can be funded. The benefit period and monthly amount choices allow you to choose the right coverage for you.

Simple application

The short application process allows you to get the coverage you need faster than ever.

Do you have the resources today?

Using savings

Savings accounts can serve as a temporary safety net, but most people haven't saved enough. A disability policy can provide a longer-term solution. According to the 2014 Consumer Disability Awareness Study, 57 percent surveyed said they had enough savings to pay their bills for 6 months or less.

Collecting social security

Because the definition of disability is very strict (the disability must be expected to last 12 months or more, or result in death), 65 percent of all claims submitted are denied. In 2016, the average Social Security benefit amount was $1,166 per month.3

Consider short-term disability insurance

For additional information on short-term disability insurance or long-term disability insurance, schedule some time with a State Farm® agent to talk about your disability insurance needs.

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Disability insurance products are not available in MA, NJ, and RI.

Return to reference 1 Social Security Fact Sheet, June 2016

Return to reference 2 Social Security Administration Disabled Workers Beneficiary Data, October 2017

Return to reference 3 Social Security Publication No. 05-10570, June 2016

The information provides a brief, general description of the coverage provided by these policies. It is not a contract and certain exclusions and limitations apply. A complete statement of the coverage provided is found only in the policy itself. Policy coverages, exclusions, and limitations may vary in some states.

For exact terms and conditions see: Disability Income policies ICC16 97064IC, ICC16 97065IC and ICC16 97066IC.

This section describes situations and conditions in which payment will be limited or denied even if You otherwise qualify for benefits.

Exclusions. This policy does not provide benefits for Disability or any other loss caused or contributed to by:

  1. Normal pregnancy and childbirth; however, Complications of Pregnancy, as diagnosed by a Physician, are covered as a sickness;
  2. War, declared or undeclared, or any act or hazard of war;
  3. Injury sustained or Sickness contracted while You are on active duty in the armed forces, auxiliary units, national guard, or similar government organizations of any nation or international authority;
  4. Your participation in the commission of a felony, riot, or insurrection;
  5. Your engagement in an illegal occupation;
  6. Your legal intoxication defined by state law where the loss occurs, or loss that results from Your use of narcotics or other controlled substances, unless administered on the advice of a Physician;
  7. Injury or Sickness that results from cosmetic surgery except: reconstructive surgery when the surgery is incidental to or follows surgery resulting from trauma, infection, or other diseases of the involved part, and reconstructive surgery because of congenital disease or anomaly resulting in a functional defect;
  8. A period of legal incarceration in a penal or correctional institution of more than seven (7) days or during a period of legal detainment of more than seven (7) days;
  9. Attempted suicide or intentionally self-inflicted Injury; or
  10. The suspension, surrender, or revocation of Your occupational license or certificate.

Limitations. The following limitations apply to this policy:

  1. Mental or Nervous Disorder Limitation. The total amount payable under this policy for any Period of Disability caused or contributed to by a Mental or Nervous Disorder shall not exceed a cumulative lifetime maximum of 24 months. If You are a resident patient in a Hospital when this lifetime maximum is reached, this limitation will not apply while You remain continuously confined provided that the confinement is medically necessary to the treatment of Your Mental or Nervous Disorder. This limitation will not extend the Maximum Benefit Period shown on the Policy Schedule.
  2. Pre-existing Condition Limitation. We will not pay benefits for loss resulting from a Pre-existing Condition, unless such loss occurs or disability commences two (2) years or more after the Effective Date of Coverage.
  3. Concurrent Disability. If a continuous Period of Disability is caused or is continued by more than one (1) Injury or Sickness, it is a concurrent disability. Benefits for a concurrent disability will be paid as if the concurrent disability was caused by one (1) Injury or one (1) Sickness. In no event will You be considered to have more than one (1) continuous Period of Disability at the same time.

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