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Business and Professional Liability Insurance

Business and Professional liability insurance from State Farm® can help you and your small business pay defense costs and judgments that come from liability claims or claims of professional negligence, error, or omission.


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Liability Policy

Business liability insurance can help protect your business from lawsuits up to a certain limit. It may take only one substantial judgment or settlement to put your financial future at risk. A State Farm Commercial Liability Umbrella Policy can provide the extra financial protection for your business needs. Available in $1 million increments, it offers broad coverage at a sensible price.


Professional Liability Policy

Specifically designed for certain professions.

  • Architects and engineers
  • Accountants and related businesses
  • Dentists

What if an unhappy client files a lawsuit claiming you've been negligent or made an error or omission while performing your professional services? A professional liability policy can minimize that financial hardship and help protect your future.

Business Owners Policies

State Farm’s Business Owners Policies also offer property, general liability, and professional liability protection as a convenient package for other business types, such as Funeral Director, Hearing Aid Specialists, Notary Public, and Opticians Professional Liability.

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Business and Professional Liability Options

Errors and Omissions Liability

Mistakes happen. But even an innocent error on your part could lead to a client bringing a lawsuit against you for negligence. A State Farm Errors and Omissions Liability policy can help you and your company pay for legal judgments or settlements. It also helps cover defense costs, which can be substantial even if you're not found liable.

We offer coverage for a wide variety of professional services such as real estate professionals, technology consultants, web designers, management consultants, computer programmers, marketing consultants and many more.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)*

If you run a business, you face a risk of being sued by an employee or applicant for discrimination, wrongful termination, or sexual harassment. Damages can include compensatory awards, not just lost wages — and these allegations aren't covered by most general liability policies. A State Farm EPLI policy can help protect you and your business in the event of wrongful employment practice claims.

Not-for-Profit Organization Liability with EPLI*

Nonprofits aren't immune from liability, harassment, discrimination, or wrongful termination lawsuits — and even if the court decides in your favor, you could be stuck with a substantial legal defense bill. A State Farm Not-for-Profit Organization Liability policy, which includes EPLI, can help protect your organization from these claims. It also covers your nonprofit's directors, trustees, officers, employees, committee members, and volunteers.

Condo and Homeowners Association Directors and Officers Liability
with EPLI

We offer coverage to help protect the policyholder from three serious types of liability claims:

  • Directors & Officers Liability — An act, error or omission, misstatement or misleading statement, neglect or breach of duty by the Organization or by the Individual Insureds
  • Discrimination Against a Third Party (someone who is not an employee or applicant for employment)
  • Wrongful Employment Practice (including discrimination, harassment, employment termination and retaliation)

*Return to reference EPLI policyholders will be given access, at no additional cost, to a human resources loss prevention website and employment advice helpline.


This is only a general description of coverages of the available types of insurance and is not a statement of contract. Details of coverage, limits, or services may not be available for all businesses and vary in some states. All coverages are subject to the terms, provisions, exclusions, and conditions in the policy itself and in any endorsements.

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