State Farm Bank® FAQs

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General Questions

What is the Privacy Policy for State Farm®?

Our Privacy Policy is available here.

Communicating with Us

Online and Mobile Security

Protecting My Identity

Reporting A Problem

Checking and Savings

General Information

Using My Account

Making Payments and Transfers

Credit Cards

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Maintaining My Account

Protecting My Account

State Farm Dollars®

Home Mortgages

General Information

Applying for a Mortgage

Paying My Mortgage

Taxes on My Mortgage

Insuring My Mortgage

Home Equity

General Information

Applying for a Home Equity Product

Paying My Home Equity Product

Taxes on My Home Equity Product

Insuring my Home Equity

Auto Loans

General Information

Applying for an Auto Loan

Paying My Auto Loan

Health Savings Accounts

General Information

Maintaining My Account

Funding My Account

Taxes on My Account

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