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Your good neighbor since 1922

While the term ‘neighbor' may seem a bit outdated, the idea of having someone here to help and look out for you has never been more relevant.

We listen. We care.

We see our customers as people, not just a policy. So, whether you have a new baby, a new driver, or a new plan keeping you up at night, we’re always here and ready to help you protect and plan ahead for what’s truly important.



We're here to help life go right.®

You can count on us to be here through life’s good, sweet, funny, messy, or sad moments. Agents, staff, and claims employees are all prepared to help take care of you. If you need some quick help, Simple Insights® offers great solutions to help you live life confidently.



We help lift up the community.

For nearly 100 years, we've worked, lived, and served in thousands of neighborhoods across America. We're committed to building them, bettering them, and helping them grow.



84.4 Million

We’re committed to protecting the cars, homes, plans, and lives of each of our customers.


to help you find and choose options to fit your needs.

19,000 Agents
70,000 Employees

all focused on helping customers and communities across the country.