It's Jake. From State Farm.

Welcome to Jake's Place. (Well, that's what my mom calls it. She thinks I'm sort of a big deal.)

I thought having my own page on the State Farm interwebs would be cool, so here it is. Thanks for stopping by. Tell your friends I'm here, and @JakeStateFarm on Twitter, and @JakeFromStateFarm on Instagram.
(Tinder? Uh. No.)

I'll be here every month with a little news and some tips for living the Jake life. See ya.

I love you, Tweeps. You make me laugh so hard that coffee comes out my nose.

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I neither snap nor chat. I want to enjoy slices of life (and cake) every day.

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13 Randomly Weird Things Found in Trunks.

Got junk in your trunk? I've got extra khakis, emergency supplies, and my reusable grocery bags, because a good neighbor is a green neighbor™. Not nearly as weird as this stuff, right?

I'm humbled by your yearning to dress like me. Get your Jake Gear here.

I love my car. Almost as much as I love helping customers. And only State Farm car insurance will do.