Emergency Road Service

Emergency Road Service provides towing and labor services when your vehicle becomes disabled.

If You Need

  • Mechanical labor at the place of breakdown
  • Towing your vehicle to a repair facility
  • Pulling your vehicle out of a location where it is stuck
  • Delivery of gas or oil
  • Assistance with changing a tire or a jumpstart
  • Locksmith services

Call 877-627-5757 for roadside assistance.

What to Expect

  • If you are in need of roadside assistance, call our toll-free number 877-627-5757.
  • The number is also located on your insurance card.
  • When you call, a service provider will be dispatched to assist you and take care of your Emergency Road Service needs.
  • If your coverage is verified, you will not bear the up-front financial burden as State Farm® will be billed directly for basic service.
  • If you do not have Coverage H (Emergency Road Service), you will need to pay for the services but will do so at a competitive rate negotiated by State Farm. This rate will usually be less than what is available in the market.

Please Note the Following

All services, in Ontario and Alberta, are subject to a $75 limit. For New Brunswick, the limit is $50.

Why State Farm?

State Farm has always based its business on one principle: integrity. We'll make sure you get your life back on track in case the unexpected happens.

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