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State Farm Mutual Funds offer investors a wide selection of professionally-managed investment options that can serve as a significant part of a smart, conservative long-term investment strategy.

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State Farm Mutual Funds

Our main objective is to make each of our 15 State Farm Mutual Funds a highly competitive and rewarding long-term investment for our shareholders.

To help achieve this objective, we use an investment management structure that capitalizes on the unique strengths, focused attention and knowledge of seasoned investment professionals from the internal investment department at State Farm®. Because we offer a wide variety of State Farm Mutual Funds, some outside the core knowledge of our internal investment department, we also have six other highly-respected asset management organizations working for you.

Each of our investment advisors provides well-known, long-established experts in their respective investment strategies and has beliefs and investment philosophies that are consistent with our own.

State Farm Mutual Funds shareholders can feel confident that their investments are being managed in a responsible, conservative, and cost-effective manner consistent with a long-term perspective.

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