State Farm Commercials

Here's the most recent collection of our favorite State Farm commercials and videos. We hope yours is here too. Check out our YouTube channel to watch more commercials and videos to find great tips and get to know all the ways State Farm is here to help life go right.®


Misty's Story | Your Month In Money | State Farm

State Farm knows saving money isn't always easy. To help imagine what little changes might look like and add up to, we transformed one woman's monthly expenses into a real-life experience. Watch as Misty explores her "month in money" with State Farm agent, Lakitsia.


She Shed | State Farm Commercial

She Shed struck by lightning? State Farm’s got you covered.


Pothole | State Farm Commercial

When he hit the mother of all potholes, he hit-up his State Farm agent to help life go right.


Awkward Photo | State Farm Commercial

Your State Farm agent will be here to help protect your home, but will probably skip the awkward family photo.


Sir Robert | State Farm Commercial

Your State Farm agent will be here to help if you need them. And sometimes just because you invited them to larp in the park.


Shopping Cart | State Farm Commercial

Your State Farm agent will be here to help protect your car, but will probably pass on your karate class demo.


Inner Dialogue (featuring Chris Paul, James Harden, and Oscar Nuñez) | State Farm Commercial

Chris Paul, James Harden and their State Farm Agent Cole get each other so well they make a conversation look like a staring contest.


A Neighborhood of Offers | Community Offers | State Farm

With the State Farm mobile app, you can access Community Offers to tap into a whole neighborhood of offers near you, right from your phone. Visit for more information.

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