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Retirees directory

This directory can help you stay informed as well as find contact information, hours, and more for retiree resources and services.

Agency Operations (formerly Agency Sales Resource)


When to call us

  • To change your contact information
  • To ask any questions about your Term Pay

State Farm® Benefits Center

866-935-4015866-935-4015 (Mon–Fri 7AM–6PM CT) or

When to call or visit the website

  • COBRA (eligible participants)
    • To ask about coverage or enroll
    • To verify contribution amounts or make a payment
  • To report a death
  • To change your contact information (address, phone number, email address)
  • Group Medical Coverage
    • Questions about the annual enrollment process or coverage options
    • To determine eligibility for medical coverage due to a life event (i.e. marriage, divorce, loss/gain of other coverage)
    • To add or remove a dependent from coverage
  • Group Life Insurance
    • Verify amount of coverage
    • Verify or update your group life beneficiary
  • Retirement
    • Change your Federal or State Tax withholdings
    • Change your direct deposit information
    • Verify or update your pre-retirement beneficiary designation
    • Request retirement estimates
    • Initiate retirement
  • Retiree Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)
    Retiree Health Exchange 888-628-2397888-628-2397 (Mon-Fri 8AM-8PM CT)
    • Medicare open enrollment assistance
    • Create and submit a claim for reimbursement
    • Review eligible HRA expenses
    • View account summary

State Farm 401(k) Savings Plan

800-523-1188800-523-1188 (Mon-Fri 7:30AM–8PM CT) or Vanguard

When to call or visit the website

  • To report a death
  • To change your contact information
  • Change your 401(k) Savings Plan Federal or State withholding
  • Change your direct deposit information
  • Verify or update your 401(k) Savings Plan beneficiary
  • Request a 401(k) distribution and/or installment payments
  • Make investment changes, or
  • Other changes to your 401(k) Savings Plan account. 

State Farm Federal Credit Union

Group Medical Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plan

Be sure to register for your Blue Access for Members to

  • Request copies of EOBs
  • Review claim history and/or pending claims
  • Request Group Medical ID card

Accolade - Personal Health Assistant

1-844-287-38591-844-287-3859 or

When to connect with us

  • We are your first point of contact for assistance with your Group Medical PPO Plan coverage.
  • Understand why a claim was denied
  • Find a network provider
  • Help with upcoming inpatient or outpatient treatment
  • Request new ID cards
  • And more!

Livongo – diabetes and hypertension healthcare program

800-945-4355800-945-4355 or

When to connect with us

  • Member of the Group Medical PPO Plan
  • Living with Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes and/or Hypertension and could use health coaching for improved health
  • Living with hypertension and don't check your blood pressure regularly or have the equipment to check it
  • Living with diabetes and don't check your blood sugars regularly or have the supplies to do so
  • Not sure if this program is right for you and want to learn more of the program details

State Farm Funds


When to call us

  • To open a new account
  • To request changes on your account
  • To change the mix of investments
  • To withdraw funds
  • To ask about earnings

You may establish or change account services on an existing account by using the Investor Account Services form

Prescription drugs or

When to email us

  • Register with
    • To refill mail order prescriptions
    • To check order status
    • To view prescription history
    • To use the online Savings center
    • To check on your medication costs
    • To find a local pharmacy
    • To located the Preferred Drug list
    • To print forms or your ID card
  • Or call the toll-free number 800-388-2058800-388-2058:
    • To ask questions about prescription drug change and co-payments
    • To obtain a copy of the Primary Drug list
    • To request a Caremark prescription drug card
    • To request a Mail Service order form
    • To request a Prescription Drug Claim form

Social Security

800-772-1213800-772-1213 or

When to call us

  • To ask any Social Security or Medicare questions

U.S. Discount Program

The U.S. Discount Program (USDP) is a valuable resource to save money on many products and services.

If you have a problem with a product purchased through the USDP program, please work directly with the company to resolve the issue.

Please note that not all vendors offer discounts to retirees. Retirees can contact HR&D Talent Operations at 877-272-1999877-272-1999 to find out if discounts are available to them for a specific product or service.

Alumni Corporate Perks

Alumni Corporate Perks for Retirees is an external vendor that offers national discounts on products, services and travel. Visit the alumni program at:

The company code is sfalumni.

If you encounter problems, you should work directly with the merchant to resolve any product or service issues. If you have questions, please visit the Perks at Work Help Center.

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