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Your Key Code

At State Farm® , we value your privacy and security, and we use a variety of measures to protect your personal identity. We developed a 10-digit code called a key code to facilitate quick identification of your current bill. Each time a new bill is generated, State Farm creates a new key code to be associated with that bill. The key code doesn't provide anyone access to your information, account or policies. The key code is only used for making a one-time insurance payment over the phone or online.

Pay now

Two easy ways to pay your insurance bill using your key code: Pay online or call us at 800-440-0998800-440-0998, available 24/7.

Locate your key code

State Farm Payment Plan and Auto bills: Locate your current bill's 10-digit key code in the bottom portion of page 1, in the "Please fold and tear here" section, and under "Call your Agent."


Homeowner, Fire, Life and Health bills: Locate your current bill's 10-digit key code at the top-right corner of the bill, directly above where it reads "See reverse for important information."