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Stay informed with State Farm® alerts

At State Farm, we work hard to ensure your account information stays secure. Stay informed of security risks by following the State Farm alerts below.

Security alerts

Customers have recently reported receiving suspicious emails and phone calls in which the sender/caller uses the State Farm name and/or falsely claims they are a State Farm representative. Some callers are using spoofing technology to disguise the number they are calling from so the call appears to be from a State Farm claims or agent office phone number.

To protect yourself, do not reply to suspicious email messages and do not give out personal information, (especially financial account details) over the phone to an unexpected caller or if you are suspicious.

What to do if you did not provide any information

Call a local State Farm agent at a phone number you know is correct (not the number in the email or on caller ID). An agent can help determine whether the email or phone call is authentic. If it's not legitimate, the agent will report the activity to State Farm.

What to do if you provided information

You should consider taking the following actions if you believe you are a victim of a scam phone call or you clicked on a link in the email, opened an attachment or responded to the sender, etc.

  • Change your State Farm account password.
  • Contact credit reporting services and have a fraud alert attached to your credit report file.
  • Monitor the activity in your account for a period of time.
  • Notify appropriate law enforcement agencies.
  • Report to:

Privacy alerts

  • None at this time.