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Competitive Illinois auto insurance discounts

Everyone loves saving money. With the Personal Price Plan®, you’ll do just that. Customize a coverage plan that protects what’s important to you and your family. State Farm® helps you save money on your car insurance with a variety of great discounts. Take a look at the discounts available in Illinois.

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Anti-Theft Device Discount

You may be eligible for this Illinois auto insurance discount if your vehicle is equipped with an anti-theft mechanism. An anti-theft mechanism is any permanently installed passive or active anti-theft system or device, either as original equipment from the manufacturer or as after-market equipment on the vehicle, designed to inhibit the theft of the vehicle or its components.

Drive Safe & Save™ discount

Drive Safe & Save puts you in control of your discount. Enroll in Drive Safe & Save and we'll use your driving information to calculate your discount. You'll save with an initial discount just for signing up.1 Then, safe drivers save more — up to 30%.2

Defensive driving course discount

Your premium may be reduced for drivers who:

  • Are at least 55 years of age.
  • Have voluntarily completed an approved Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Course.
  • The course must have been approved by the Secretary of State and a letter from the Secretary of State presented to the Company acknowledging the course was successfully completed within the three years prior to the inception or renewal of the current policy term. 
  • After this three year period, the course must be successfully repeated and evidence furnished in order to again qualify for the discount.

If you have any questions about a course being eligible, contact your State Farm agent.

Discount Term and Renewal

The Defensive Driving Discount (DDD) will begin at the inception date (new policies) or is applied midterm as of the completion date of the course (existing policies). DDD applies for a period of three years, at the end of which, the insured must provide evidence that the course has been successfully repeated to renew the discount.

Termination of Discount

DDD expires on the first renewal date following three years from the course completion date unless State Farm receives evidence of recertification.

If you have questions about a course being eligible, please contact your State Farm agent.

Other potential savings include:

Multiple Line — You may be eligible for premium savings if you are the named insured on another qualifying State Farm policy, like a homeowner’s, renters’, condo or life policy.

Multiple Automobiles — You may see premium savings if you insure more than one private passenger car with us.

Vehicle Safety — Your premium may be reduced depending on the claims record of your vehicle. Each make and model claim record for the seven prior model years is reviewed annually, and the premium is adjusted accordingly.

Good Driving — Your premiums may be reduced if no drivers in your household have had any claims.

Steer Clear® Safe Driver Program — If a driver on your policy is under age 25 and they’ve completed the Steer Clear Safe Driver program, you may save money.


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1 Setup required.

2 Discounts may exceed 30% and vary state-to-state (NY capped at 30%). Not available in CA, MA, RI. A discount may not be available in NC depending on individual facts and circumstances. 

Discounts and their availability may vary by state and eligibility requirements. Not all vehicles or drivers are eligible for discounts.

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