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Protect Your Credit With Individual Credit Disability Insurance

If you become totally disabled, monthly loan payments are the least of your concerns — but a disability could stop the income you need to make monthly loan payments.

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Don't let a disability damage your credit. Individual credit disability insurance from State Farm® provides you with funds to meet your loan obligations, with payments going directly to your lender.

For additional information please contact a State Farm agent.


This is a Marketing tool intended for use in the sale of Individual Credit Disability Insurance. Completion of an application for a State Farm insurance policy will require contact with a State Farm insurance agent.

The information provides a brief, general description of the coverage provided by these policies. It is not a contract and certain exclusions and limitations apply. A complete statement of the coverage provided is found only in the policy itself. Policy coverages, exclusions, and limitations may vary in some states.

Disability insurance products are not available in MA, NJ, and RI.

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