Individual Credit Disability Insurance — Idaho

Idaho Individual Credit Disability Insurance is currently available through State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. Details about coverage, policies, and benefits are listed below. Please read a brief description of the State Farm Individual Credit Disability Insurance in Idaho.

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Policy Features

  • If you are totally disabled by accident or sickness for more than 30 days during the policy term, State Farm pays the monthly benefit from the first day of total disability, as long as total disability continues, to the end of the policy term.
  • Benefits may be payable directly to a financial institution.

State Farm Individual Credit Disability Insurance helps solve the problem of meeting your loan obligations should you become totally disabled as defined in the policy. You buy only the insurance you want, for the time you need it.

Exclusions and Limitations

This policy does not cover any loss caused or contributed to by:

  • Normal pregnancy and childbirth; however, complications of pregnancy are not excluded.
  • Any intentionally self-inflicted injury.
  • Pre-existing Condition Limitation. Pre-existing sickness or physical condition which the insured received medical advice, consultation, or treatment within 6 months before the effective date of coverage and from which the insured becomes totally disabled within 6 months after the effective date of coverage.
  • If total disability results from two or more causes, the monthly income amount payable shall be limited to the amount payable for total disability from a single cause.


This is a Marketing tool intended for use in the sale of insurance. Completion of an application for a State Farm insurance policy will require contact with a State Farm agent/insurance producer.

This information provides only a brief explanation of coverage. It is not a contract, and exclusions and limitations apply. This policy is not renewable. There are terms under which the policy may be continued or discontinued. Modifications are applicable in some states. See policy form 97021ZID for exact terms and conditions. Contact your agent/insurance producer for details and cost.

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