State Farm® Provides Five-Year Loan to Support the Los Angeles Urban League

In 2008, State Farm committed a total of $2.5 million over a period of five years for Los Angeles Urban League (LAUL) to support their five-year strategic plan. Half of the commitment was provided in the form of grant dollars for the Neighborhoods @ Work program. The other half was provided as a loan used to purchase a building in the Crenshaw area of Los Angeles. The building houses the LAUL Neighborhood Initiatives office, programs, and staff.

LAUL's Neighborhoods @ Work initiatives focus on five areas of improvement for the Crenshaw area:

  • Education — Improve educational outcomes for all students in the community
  • Employment — Reduce the unemployment rate by 50%
  • Safety — Help Crenshaw residents feel safe to engage in activities in their neighborhood
  • Health — Reduce the number of families in crisis and support long-term, healthy outcomes for residents
  • Housing — Preserve stable housing conditions so that residents can remain in the neighborhood

A video about LAUL can be found at entitled "We Can Do This." It also has a link to their home page with additional information on the Neighborhoods @ Work program.