Community Partners — State Farm®

Our promise to build safer, stronger, and better educated communities extends to all our neighborhoods. We team up with community partners in the African American, Asian Pacific Islander, and Hispanic communities to promote education, leadership, safety, financial literacy, and other community initiatives to make good on that promise.

Company Partners

State Farm company partners include the American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity®, and Local Initiatives Support Corporation, as well as our multi-cultural partners.

African-American Partners

State Farm teams up with partners in African-American communities that support our dream to extend education and leadership opportunities to all children in all communities.

Hispanic Partners

State Farm teams up with partners in Hispanic communities to improve civic engagement, and develop Hispanic individuals into leaders and professionals in all our communities.

Asian-Pacific Islander Partners

State Farm teams up with partners in Asian-Pacific Islander communities to improve auto safety, education, and financial literacy as well as support leadership development.