Medical Payments Coverage

Medical payments coverage helps pay medical and funeral expenses when a covered person – the policyholder, passengers, or a member of the policyholder's family – is hurt in an auto accident, no matter who is responsible.

For example, if you're hurt in a motor vehicle accident while riding in someone else's vehicle, using public transportation, or even walking across the street, medical payments coverage will help pay your medical expenses.

How It Works

Here are some examples when medical payments coverage will help pay for medical or funeral expenses caused by an auto accident:

  • You're hurt when you accidentally hit another car while driving through a parking lot
  • Your spouse is injured when she's hit by a car while walking across the street
  • Your child is hurt when she's in an accident while a passenger in her friend's car
  • One of your passengers complains of neck pain after the car you're driving is rear-ended by another vehicle

What Medical Payments Coverage Won't Cover

  • Injuries in excess of your policy's coverage amount
  • Damage done to vehicles or other property

How Much Medical Payments Coverage Should You Have?

Most states don't require it, and if you have health insurance through your employer, you may wonder if adding medical payments coverage to your auto policy is worth the cost.

If you're considering this coverage, keep in mind that – unlike health insurance – there are no deductibles or co-payments with medical payments coverage. It starts paying with the first dollar of incurred expenses, and pays regardless of who's responsible for the accident.

Another excellent reason to have medical payments coverage – even if you already have health insurance – is that it's comparatively inexpensive. We can't tell you how much medical payments coverage will cost you until we look at your specific circumstances, but many policyholders find they can add coverage for $5 to $8 per month. The cost goes up with higher coverage limits of course.

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