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Digital tools to streamline your insurance and finances

Managing your money and insurance just got easier.

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The digital transformation of financial services and the insurance industry can bring convenience, flexibility and time-saving benefits to routine tasks. So how do you make your digital life work harder and smarter for you? Put these mobile insurance apps and mobile finance app ideas to work.

Manage your insurance

The State Farm® mobile app helps you meet your mobile insurance and financial services needs directly from a smartphone or tablet. The capabilities are wide-ranging, including paying your insurance bills, pulling up your insurance ID card, filing a glass claim, starting and checking on a claim and requesting roadside assistance. There are even streamlined banking options. To download the app, visit the App Store or Google Play.

Rent a car or choose a repair shop

So many digital solutions give you the option of completing next steps when it’s convenient after filing a claim. Take making a rental car reservation when your car is not drivable or being repaired: You can do that through Hertz® on and avoid making a phone call. In addition, you can choose a reliable auto repair shop that’s part of the State Farm Select Service® repair network. Bonus: When repairs are done, you just pay your deductible (if applicable) to the shop, and State Farm will handle the billing directly with the shop. (Both features will be capable on the app in 2018.)

Send money to friends

Many mobile finance apps eliminate the need for cash by allowing you to send money to friends or family, for example, when you need to split the tab in a restaurant, pay a sitter or contribute your share to a group present. Stock the app with money or link it to your bank account. Some mobile finance apps don’t even require the recipient to have the app. Generally, user fees are small and transfer limits vary. If you have a State Farm Bank checking or savings account, you can transfer money online using the recipient’s email address, mobile number or account information. If the recipient would rather not receive funds electronically, you can send a check at no cost.

Pay from your phone

Virtual wallets are an encrypted, digital version of your credit or debit card and can be used to pay for things online, through an app or at a store. To use your digital wallet in a store, hold your smartphone next to a compatible terminal to complete the transaction. Be sure to only download wallet apps from trusted sources, and always use secure Wi-Fi networks.

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