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Drive Safe & Save™ Mobile

Drive Safe & Save is one more way we help you save on auto insurance. How much you drive determines the amount of your discount, and good drivers can save even more1.

Drive Safe & Save Mobile is available1 on eligible smartphones. Just download the free app and use it to connect with the Bluetooth® beacon provided. The less you drive and the safer you drive1, the more you could save on auto insurance!

  • There is no fee to participate.

What's New

  • See your driving grades and discount in the app.


  • Easy setup. Enroll, download, set up, and drive!
  • Capture your odometer reading with a photo in the app.
  • See your miles driven within the app.
  • Includes a Wi-Fi option to save on your mobile data plan.


For technical assistance call 888-559-1922, available 24/7.


How do I know if my phone is eligible for Drive Safe & Save Mobile?

Just visit the Google Play or the App Store from your phone. If you are able to download the app from there, your phone is eligible!

Ineligible phones will receive a message saying the device is not compatible. Features required for participation include:

  • Phone
  • Network
  • Location/GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Accelerometer
  • Compass
  • Camera
  • Auto-focus
  • Flash

Optional features:
  • Gyroscope

Troubleshooting Tips

Why aren't my trips showing up accurately in the app?

  • Trips can take up to 24 hours to appear in your app. 
  • Poor Location/GPS quality impacts the phone's ability to determine speed and/or distance and can affect the trip details that are logged.
  • The trip will appear to be shorter than expected if connectivity to the Bluetooth beacon was lost because Bluetooth was turned off. Leave Bluetooth on at all times while driving.
  • Low phone battery can impact trip recording and Location/GPS quality. This can be avoided by plugging in and charging the phone while driving. Keep phone battery life above 20% at all times.
  • The battery in the Bluetooth beacon may be depleted. Check the Bluetooth beacon and make sure that the red light turns on briefly when the small white button on the front of the beacon is pushed and held for a few seconds. If not, call our 24/7 tech support line at 888-559-1922.
  • The Bluetooth beacon may not be paired in the app. Log into the app and tap on the vehicle to see which beacon is paired to the vehicle.
  • Check for available updates in the App Store or Play Store.
  • If phone memory is full, the app will not be able to record trip data and temporarily store it on the phone.
  • The Drive Safe & Save enrollment of the vehicle may have changed. Log in to the app. Does the status text under the vehicle name still indicate enrollment in Drive Safe & Save Mobile? If not, contact your State Farm agent.

Your discount is based on mileage and basic driving characteristics. The number of miles collected by the Drive Safe & Save app will be validated against the odometer readings you provide prior to each policy renewal. Your basic driving characteristics are determined using information recorded by the Drive Safe & Save app. You may take a trip that the app does not capture accurately, but your basic driving characteristics can still be determined from the trips the app does capture. To get the most from your discount opportunity, ensure as many trips as possible are recorded by bringing your phone on all trips and leaving Bluetooth, Location/GPS, and data on.

We Want to Hear From You

Share ideas for application enhancements through the comments feature in the app store, or visit the State Farm Twitter and Facebook pages.

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1 Availability and discounts may vary by state and coverages selected. In Maryland, only mileage information is used in discount calculation. A discount may not be available in California and North Carolina, depending on individual facts and circumstances.