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Drive Safe & Save Mobile

Save up to 30%* for safe driving. And, get about 5% off just for enrolling.

Get the app and enroll – it’s easy!

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Drive Safe & Save Mobile. More Than Just a Discount App.

With Drive Safe & Save Mobile, you’ll be able to see how you’re doing, and learn how to improve. Safer roads are everyone’s responsibility.



Enrolling is easy. Text SAVE to 78836 to download the app. Then, log in to your® account, and follow the directions.



Save about 5% just for signing up. Then, after we have enough data, we’ll update your rate based on how you drive.



Drive Safe & Save logs your trips, shows you how you did on interactive maps, and provides tips on how you can improve.

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How the Drive Safe & Save App Works

Pair the app with a Bluetooth beacon we ship to you for free. Keep location services and Bluetooth on to automatically record your trips. See your recorded trips on interactive maps, get feedback and tips related to:

    Rapid Acceleration
    Hard Braking
    Fast Cornering
    Excessive Speed
    Distracted Driving
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Get Your Best Discount

Cool features in the app help you stay in control of your discount.


Drive Less

Not always easy, we know. Try ride sharing, public transportation or even biking.


Drive Better

Avoid excessive speeds, hard stops, and hard cornering. And, stay off your phone while driving.


Drive Smarter

Limit nightime driving. Decreased visibility, fatigue, and impaired drivers all make driving at night more dangerous.

Setup’s Easy!

NARR: (MUSIC UP) With a free iOS or Android app, Drive Safe & Save couldn’t be easier.

GRPHX: (Disclosure. Small words at bottom of screen) Your auto policy must be in the format of first and last name. Businesses, trusts, DBA, etc. are not eligible at this time for a® account. Contact your State Farm® agent for details. Availability and discounts may vary by state and coverages selected. A discount may not be available in California and North Carolina, depending on individual facts and circumstances.

NARR: First, from the Google Play or App Store, download the Drive Safe & Save app.

NARR: Then to enroll, just log in to your State Farm® account online, through the app, or contact your State Farm agent to enroll over the phone.

NARR: After your Bluetooth beacon arrives in the mail, take it and your phone to your car, and activate the beacon by pressing the button.

NARR: With your State Farm ID and password, log in to the app to complete setup for this vehicle.

NARR: To help us better record your trips, affix your beacon behind your rearview mirror. Ensure placement does not impair your visibility or your vehicle sensors, and complies with applicable laws.

NARR: What’s next? Start Saving! You’ll get about 5% off your car insurance, just for signing up with Drive Safe & Save. Then you could save even more depending on how you drive.

State Farm is here to help by providing all the discounts you qualify for. So, enroll today.

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For technical assistance call 888-559-1922, available 24/7.
Have questions? Check out our FAQ page.

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