Paperless Billing

Go Paperless and Simplify Your Life

If you have a State Farm Payment Plan, paperless billing can make your life even easier. Instead of paper statements, we’ll send you an email message every month when we create your bill. You’ll have lower fees, one less item in your mailbox, and one less piece of paper to keep track of. Paperless billing is easy to set up, too.

Benefits of Paperless Billing

Convenience is just one reason to go paperless:

  • Access your bills online, anytime, anywhere you have internet access
  • Fast, no-fee online payments, and no postage required
  • May result in a reduction of your installment fee
  • Timely email notifications when we create your bill
  • Better security when compared to paper bills

Set Up Paperless Billing

Log in to enroll in paperless billing if you already have a payment plan. Simply check the first box in your Profile and Preferences under "Paperless" and select "save" to activate paperless billing.

If you don’t have a payment plan, learn why you should.

Check Out Other Ways to Go Paperless

How do I go paperless for Notice of Privacy Policy?

Due to insurance and financial regulations, not all documents are available electronically.