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Rental car services & reimbursement

State Farm® rental reimbursement (or rental car coverage) can help cover the cost of a rental while your vehicle is not drivable or repairs are underway.


Example insurance card highlighting rental coverage


"R" indicates rental coverage


Enterprise and Hertz provide rental vehicles to State Farm customers, with rates that may be lower than those available in the retail market.

How do I get a rental car?

You can also choose to work with your claim associate to schedule a rental vehicle.

What does my rental coverage include?

State Farm will pay the daily rental charge, which includes:

  • Daily rental rate
  • Mileage charges
  • Related taxes
  • Certain limits


Example insurance card highlighting rental coverage


Certain limits apply, which are included in the Declarations Page of your policy under "Limit – Car Rental Expense – Each Day, Each Loss."

"Each Day" = the most we will pay for the daily rental charge ($25 in this example).

  • If a dollar amount appears, we will pay the daily rental charge up to that dollar amount.
  • If a percentage appears, we will pay that percentage of the daily rental charge.

"Each Loss" = the most we will pay for Car Rental Expense incurred as a result of any one loss ($600 in this example).

When does my rental coverage start and end?

If... Result
Your vehicle is not drivable, unsafe, or not legal to drive Coverage starts immediately
Your vehicle is safe and legal to drive Coverage begins the day repairs start and ends the day repairs are complete
Repairs are delayed Rental period is subject to your policy limit

What if the rental vendor offers additional insurance?

If you have questions regarding additional insurance offered by a rental vendor and whether additional coverage is needed, contact your State Farm agent.