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Auto Replacement Parts

State Farm® keeps the promise of "Good Neighbor" service every day as we pay individual claims. Our promise includes a commitment to your satisfaction regarding new non-original equipment manufacturer (non-OEM), recycled, and OEM Surplus parts used in the repair of your vehicle.

When a damage estimate is prepared, it may include competitively priced, readily available new non-OEM parts, recycled parts, OEM Surplus parts, or new parts provided by the manufacturer of your vehicle.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

When you authorize repairs to your vehicle:

  • Using new non-OEM, recycled, or OEM Surplus parts as described on the estimate ...
  • And we pay for those repairs ...
  • State Farm promises that you will be satisfied with the fit, corrosion resistance qualities, and performance of those parts for as long as you own your vehicle*...
  • Or we'll see that the parts are repaired or replaced to your satisfaction — at no cost to you.**
*This promise of satisfaction does not apply to tires, batteries, belts, hoses and other maintenance items subject to wear and tear. Our promise of satisfaction for powertrain/ drivetrain components and sound equipment is limited to the length of time that the original equipment manufacturer would have warranted its new replacement part, or the remainder of your automobile manufacturer’s factory warranty – whichever is longer.
**In claims where we pay less than 100 percent of the cost of repair as a result of a comparative liability settlement, any additional payment will be based on the percentage of liability we accept.


State Farm recognizes Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA) and NSF International (NSF) standards for the following new non-OEM crash parts:

  • Bumper components
  • Lighting components
  • Radiator supports / tiebars and associated mounting components
  • Outer sheet metal and plastic / composite parts

These non-OEM parts included on estimates prepared by State Farm or a Select Service® repairer will be certified by CAPA or NSF. All parts will be identified as to the type of part being estimated. Parts that serve to repair your vehicle in a quality manner will be included on your damage estimate.

The Choice Is Yours

The final choice as to which parts will actually be used in repairs rests with you, the vehicle owner.

All states except Indiana and Minnesota
If you prefer parts other than those included on the estimate, you should notify your repairer. Should the use of those other parts increase the repair cost, you will be expected to pay the difference.

Indiana residents
If you prefer parts other than those included on the estimate, you must notify your repairer and State Farm in writing.

Minnesota residents
If you prefer parts other than those included on the estimate, you must notify your repairer and State Farm.



Competition has led to reductions in the cost of many original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts and has caused significant improvements in their warranties. This results in higher quality at lower costs for the consumer.

Recycled Parts

Recycled parts are parts which may have been previously installed on another vehicle. As with all recycling efforts, the use of these parts is an environmentally friendly effort to help preserve our natural resources.

New Non-OEM Parts

New non-OEM parts are manufactured by a company other than the manufacturer of the vehicle.

New OEM Surplus Parts

New OEM Surplus parts are parts manufactured by the OEM or OEM suppliers that may be procured from sources other than OEM dealers. These parts may also be identified as OE Surplus, Alt-OEM, or Opt-OEM parts.

All states except California, Indiana, and Minnesota