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Reporting insurance fraud

Each year, billions of dollars are lost to insurance fraud. You lose money too, when fraud raises your insurance rates. Help us fight insurance fraud by reporting:

  • Misrepresenting residence address to obtain cheaper insurance
  • Staged auto and slip/fall accidents
  • Faked or inflated auto, home, and business losses
  • Intentionally set home, business, and auto fires
  • Phony or inflated medical bills, auto, home, or business repair bills
  • Misrepresenting the ability to work (claiming medical disability)
  • Questionable death or disability where Life Insurance is involved
  • Failure to disclose all drivers who may impact the price of auto, home, or business policies
  • Fraudulent or stolen identity information used to obtain an insurance policy
  • Fictitious or invalid payment information used to secure a policy

To report suspected insurance fraud, call State Farm® or the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB®) hotline: 800-TEL-NICB / 800-835-6422800-835-6422.


Why State Farm?

State Farm has always based its business on one principle: integrity. We'll make sure you get your life back on track in case the unexpected happens.

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