Drive Safe & Save™ Mobile

Drive Safe & Save Mobile is available to State Farm® auto insurance customers in select states who have eligible smartphones. Just download the free app to your smartphone and connect to the Bluetooth® beacon sent to you.

Enroll in Drive Safe & Save

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There's no subscription fee required. Your smartphone, combined with the Bluetooth beacon provided, will collect basic information about your driving habits. The less you drive and the safer you drive1, the more you could save on your auto insurance.

If you don't have an eligible smartphone, you may be able to enroll using your vehicle's existing OnStar® or SYNC® communication service.

If you're not already covered with State Farm Auto Insurance, you can get a quote 24/7 or talk to an agent today.

To learn more about Drive Safe & Save Mobile, call us at 855-976-6928 or check out the FAQs.

Setting Up Drive Safe & Save Mobile

The fewer miles you drive and the safer you drive, the more you could save on auto insurance. (Save an initial 5% when you sign up.) Drive Safe & Save from State Farm: It's as easy as 1-2-3.

Get Started

Step 1: Enroll One of These Ways

  • Log in to your State Farm account and enroll online.

  • Download the Drive Safe & Save app at Google Play or the App Store and follow the steps to enroll.

  • Contact your State Farm agent to enroll over the phone.

Step 2: Complete Your Setup

Your Bluetooth beacon will arrive in the mail. Complete these steps on each eligible phone for all drivers of the vehicle:

  • Activate the app on your phone by tapping on the icon and logging in with your® user ID and password.2

  • Follow the setup steps while in your vehicle (and not driving) with the Bluetooth beacon you received in the mail. After selecting your vehicle in the app, pair your phone with the Bluetooth beacon. Record your odometer reading in the app with a picture, then keep the beacon in a safe place in your vehicle.

  • Drive. Once the app setup is complete, bring your phone on every trip, keeping its Bluetooth and GPS activated. A trip automatically begins when you start driving.

Step 3: Start Saving

You'll receive an initial 5%1 discount on your auto insurance premium.

Before each policy renewal, you'll receive a reminder to update your current odometer reading within the app.

At each policy renewal, you'll see how much you save with your Drive Safe & Save discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

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1Availability and discounts may vary by state and coverages selected. In Maryland, only mileage information is used in discount calculation. A discount may not be available in California and North Carolina, depending on individual facts and circumstances.

2You'll need to log in to your account for this vehicle to complete setup. The policy must be in the format of a first and last name. Businesses, trusts, DBA, etc., are not eligible at this time for a account. Contact your State Farm agent for details.

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