Sports Car Insurance from State Farm

Buying and driving a high performance sports car is thrilling…until you get the insurance bill. So how do you find a lower cost alternative for sports car insurance? With State Farm's competitive insurance rates and discounts, you may be able to afford that dream car after all.

Sports Car Insurance Rates

Sports cars are typically more expensive than other types of vehicles. So fixing or replacing them is expensive as well. As a result, sports car insurance is often the most expensive type.

The good news is that State Farm offers affordable insurance for all types of cars, including sports cars.

Talk to an agent or get an online car insurance quote to get a realistic picture of what your cost could be for sports car insurance.

To get the lowest rates and qualify for the most discounts, consider:

  • Installing a car alarm. Your insurance rates will reflect the reduced chance that your sports car will be stolen.
  • Using another car for everyday driving. Reducing the miles you drive your sports car will reduce your sports car insurance costs.
  • Controlling yourself behind the wheel. All that horsepower makes it tempting to speed. But avoiding tickets and accidents can make a considerable impact on how much you'll pay for your sports car insurance.

High Performance Service

You've bought a high end sports car. You should look for a sports car insurance company that provides high end customer service.

How does State Farm measure up? JD Power & Associates ranked State Farm customer service ahead of the other three top insurance companies in the nation. Our Agents, Claims Centers, Call Center, and mobile applications make us a top performer. With low premiums and high quality service, it's no wonder that 40 million people have chosen State Farm for their auto insurance.

Talk to an agent or get an online car insurance quote to see how you can afford sports car insurance from the #1 auto insurer in the country1.

1Based on a 2012 written premium as reported by A.M. Best.