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Get businessowners insurance from the best

You want your company to be the best in the business. That's why you need protection from the best in the insurance business. A company that offers great discounts on a wide range of business coverages. A company like State Farm®.

We help protect a variety of small businesses under this policy type, such as fitness studios, motels, non-profit organizations, schools, art galleries, tailors, locksmiths, photographers, antique stores, vending machine operations, and warehouses.

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Businessowner Coverage Form features:

  • Property – To protect your business building(s) and other structures, business personal property, and equipment from covered accidental direct physical loss.
  • Liability – To protect yourself financially against costly claims and lawsuits covered under the policy.
  • Accounts Receivable – May cover for loss of monies due to you that are uncollectible because of damage to accounts receivable records.
  • Computer Property – Coverages for computer equipment used in the business operation.
  • Equipment Breakdown – Provides coverage for damage to covered property caused by mechanical breakdown of covered equipment, artificially generated current damaging covered equipment, explosion of steam boilers or loss of steam/hot water boilers.
  • Loss of Income – Protection in case your operations are suspended due to a covered loss.
  • Money & Securities – Covers the loss of business money and securities caused by theft, disappearance, or destruction from described premises, a bank or savings institution, while being conveyed by a messenger or armored auto or within the residence of a messenger.
  • Seasonal Increase – Provides additional coverage on your business personal property in peak seasons.
  • Signs – May cover accidental direct physical loss to signs attached to buildings (whether indoor or outdoor) and to outdoor signs not attached to buildings at the described premises owned by you or in your care, custody or control.

Customize your coverage

You may also consider adding any of these coverages to complement your policy:

  • Data Compromise and Identity Restoration – Provides coverages that work together to help your business and you get back on track after a data breach occurs or if you, the business owner, becomes a victim of identity theft.
  • Backup of Sewer and Drain – Coverage for accidental direct physical loss to business personal property at your business location caused by the backing up of sewers and drains inside your building.
  • Employee Dishonesty – Provides coverage in the event of a direct physical loss to business personal property and money and securities caused by a dishonest act committed by an employee.
  • Utility InterruptionLoss of Income – Coverage for loss of income caused by the necessary suspension of your business due to failure of communications, water, natural gas, or electrical service to the premises.

In addition to your business owners policy, let a local State Farm agent help you customize a plan for your business that can include Business Auto, Workers' Compensation, business life policies, surety and fidelity bonds and retirement plans.



This is only a general description of coverages of the available types of insurance and is not a statement of contract. Details of coverage, limits, or services may not be available for all businesses and vary in some states. All coverages are subject to the terms, provisions, exclusions, and conditions in the policy itself and in any endorsements. Contact a State Farm agent for more information and a customized quote.

Identity Restoration and Data Compromise not available in: RI.

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