Buying a Car, SUV or Truck?

Buying a car, SUV or truck?

Plan ahead with our Vehicle Rating Tool.

Find out how your car, SUV, or truck ranks in insurance costs compared to other cars, SUVs and trucks. Ratings are based on annual State Farm® data.

Remember that car safety ratings and other factors can affect your premiums. That’s why we’ve made it simple to find out how your vehicle ranks in insurance costs compared to others with our Vehicle Ratings Tool. Simply select your make, model, and body style to see ratings for:

  • Liability Rating Index
  • Collision Damage Index
  • Damage and Theft Index
  • Vehicle Safety Discounts

Every year State Farm uses its extensive claims data to implement its auto insurance ratings for specific makes and models. Select a make and model from the list above to see the liability rating indexes (LRIs), collision damage indexes (CDI), damage and theft indexes (DTIs), and vehicle safety discounts (VSDs). With this tool, you’ll be able to see how a specific make, model and style of car or truck will affect costs. An “A” means you’ll save the most, while an “E” means you’ll probably pay more for that premium. These automobile ratings are for most 2014-2017 makes and models. These vehicle ratings no not apply in Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Canada.